Merton School is a neighborhood French Immersion school located in the predominantly English municipality of Côte St-Luc. The school is very well served by the public transport system but also offers bussing to eligible students. Merton was built in 1952 as part of the Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal, was leased to the United Talmud Torah school system in the 1970’s and 80’s, and re-opened in 1990 as a French Immersion school which offers both enrichment and resource programs. The school currently has a population of 287 students (in 2016) who come from Côte St-Luc, Hampstead, Montreal West and Notre-Dame-de-Grace. A variety of faiths and ethnicities are represented in our student body.

The school’s L-shaped building is on one floor. Merton has a large enclosed grassy playground that allows plenty of space for students to relax or play during recesses. Moreover, a city park with swings and sports courts is adjacent to the school and available to us for use. The school is situated in a peaceful and safe environment.