Teaching Staff

The primary interest of our highly-qualified, experienced, and energetic teachers is the education and well-being of all our students. Our teachers come from a wide range of backgrounds and are committed to meet every child’s educational needs.

Kindergarten Pascale Nizri Lallouz
Kindergarten Lise Labelle
Emiliya Korsemova
Grade 1 Heidi Loerick
Grade 1 Nathalie Faviere
Grade 1 Gabrielle Horrocks-Denis
Grade 2 Nathalie Beauregard
Grade 2 Judith Haziza
Grade 3 Cindy Norman
Grade 3 Mélanie Rioux
Grade 4 Marina Cardu
Grade 4 Angeliki Eftaxias
Grade 5 Janet Rodger
Grade 5 Laurence Oziel
Grade 6 Georgia Gotsis
Grade 6 Audrée Anne Dupont
Physical Education & Health Tania Siconolfi
Stefanie Karaminas
Music David Eves
ERC Sheree Gouldson
Resource Kimberley Davey  
Science & Technology Debbie Adams
Bianca Coverini
P.E.L.O. (Jewish Heritage Studies)