Science & Technology

Starting in kindergarten, all students at Merton school have the opportunity to explore the world of science and technology. Cycle one students receive one period a week designated to the world of science and technology. Students are introduced to the appropriate use of computers and iPads, digital cameras, magnifying glasses, and other tools within their scientific explorations.

Cycle two and three students also receive two forty-five minute periods dedicated to the world of science and technology. Topics concerning Earth and Space, the Material World and Living Things are all integrated within the curriculum. The science curriculum is integrated within all technology assignments and activities.

We believe that technology offers tremendous opportunities for learning, infinitely expands the walls of the classroom, and makes available wonderful resources that our students can and should take advantage of. We support and encourage the use of technology for learning and regularly design learning tasks to that end. We continuously work to maintain and update appropriate equipment.

We are also fully aware of the dangers of unlimited and unsupervised access to technology and the internet. In cooperation with parents and with their support, our school works to educate our children on the healthy use of these resources, shares information and resources with parents, and diligently pursues disciplinary measures to correct abuses in this area.

Once a week for forty-five minutes, Cycle Two and Three students engage in hands-on activities that enable them to work as a team to solve STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) problems.

Cycle Two students learn about the six simple machines and work together to create everyday compound machines using our introductory robotics kits, as well as solve other design challenges.

Cycle Three students work as a team to design, build and program robots using both LEGO NXT Mindstorms and EV3 kits and design challenges.

Cycle One students have participated in the Jr. FLL building and programming challenges using LEGO WeDo, as well as Wonder Workshop's online robotics competition using Dash and Dot robots. In addition, selected students from both Cycle Two and Three work separately on designing, creating and programming robots to compete in the Robo-Junior competitions during lunch and after school robotics workshops. NXT and EV3 kits are used.

The school will not be held responsible for the misuse of technology that is perpetrated outside of the school to invade or threaten personal privacy. It should be noted that social networking sites are not intended for use by children under the age of 13. It is the parent’s responsibility to monitor their children’s use of technology and the internet at all times.